Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whether abstract or representational, my work in acrylic has evolved from the visual perfectionism of Graphic Design to something more raw, simple, visceral and very personal.
Eastern Philosophy has always intrigued and mystified me. This combined with my long history as a musician gives me an appreciation of the value of simplicity and space and how it contrasts and balances with the bold colours, objects and sounds that define it.
My influences include all those that celebrate the simple beauty of space. British filmaker David Lean with his sparse yet epic visual feast Lawrence of Arabia. American composer John Cage with his Zen influenced silent composition 4' 33''. Photographer Willliam Claxton and his raw simple images that capture the complexity and nuance of American Jazz.
Producing art, for me, is about trying to capture and define the energy contained in space, like an atom, vast in space, yet massive in energy. This energy is held and defined by the perfect balance of object, colour and space in a set frame - a defined space in balance. Picasso's work and traditional Eastern Art has a strong sense of this.
For me, on a personal level, it is reflected in my personal mantra , " Music is the dance of my soul, Art is its reflection, Silence and solitude its refuge ''.
Larry will be in attendance at his studio during the upcoming In Plain View Studio Tours. For more information go to http://www.inplainviewwinnipeg.com/.
Larry Rich Studio
45 Moore Avenue, MB R2M 2C2
ph: 779-2809 e: lrich@mts.net

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