Monday, July 11, 2011

The Phoenix In Plain View

Enjoying our wonderful, sadly brief summer outdoors on my deck, I watched butterflies cavorting. I think they were Painted Ladies. Probably also Painted Gentlemen, because there seemed to be some courting going on.
They seemed attracted, in addition to one another, to the blooming flowers on my rejuvenated basswood tree.
I've mentioned this tree before - it has a place of honour in my backyard and in my life. Once a gorgeous  tall spreading wonder, it met with ill fate a few years ago in the shape of a windstorm. I had to have it cut down. But I decided I wanted a memento from it and asked the tree surgeon to leave a tall stump, which he did - a good 6 feet high.
Every winter I spread birdseed on this stump, which gets kicked around by birds and squirrels alike, so that every summer there is a profusion of grasses and other little plants growing up around the roots and on the treestump itself. 
But the most wonderful thing - mirabile dictu! - is that the lovely old roots have put forth many shoots, which by now are small trees in their own right, growing up around the stump. 
Some of these have reached a respectable height of 25-30 feet or so and can truly be called young trees.
And in the early summer, they bloom profusely. Their small white blossoms attracting hordes of bees and butterflies and perfuming the air with their sensuous smell, adorn the branches. I relax in my gazebo under these branches, and breathe in this heady opulent scent.
Indeed, this hoary old basswood is my own local version of a phoenix, rising from its ashes.

This is a seque into a joyful announcement that In Plain View Winnipeg is also performing a  version of the phoenix story.  
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