Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artist In Plain View - KATHARINE BRUCE

Katharine says about her work:
The mode of discipline that I work with involves a substantial collaboration with chance which relies upon an alertness to unintended consequences. The sudden appearance of unforseen possibilities,  in the meantime, requires a constitutional capacity to function within a certain degree of chaos. If I approach a canvas with what might appear a nonchalant anything goes disposition, it is with the same humility one brings to contemplating visual experience in the natural world. The requisite inner gesture is a sort of stepping out of the way in order to let something happen. There is the intuitive, dreamy quality of an otherworldly realm and, at the same time--here and nowness. Nature is the over riding motivation for my ART.

Katharine will welcome guests to her studio during the In Plain View Studio Tours taking place on the first weekends of November and December, '09. For more information go to:

Katharine Bruce
Bruce Art Works
138 Portage Ave East
studio: 709
786-3052 by appointment all year
open during shows

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Artist In Plain View - Nancy Blokland

Nancy Blokland is a potter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Making pottery is a life long passion for her, as the process is therapeutic and endlessly interesting. Producing stoneware and porcelain functional ware, from mugs to soup tureens, to vases, she is heavily influenced by her time spent in Latin America. The botanical impressions from her garden and vibrant colors reflect this. Nancy strives to incorporate both beauty and functionality into every piece for the buyer so they will be used for years to come.

Nancy Blokland Pottery
273 Enfield Crescent Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nancy will be in her studio during tour dates
At other times -visits by appointment only
go to
for more information

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Artist In Plain View - KATHLEEN BLACK

Kathleen Noelle Black is Back with In Plain View.
She would like everyone to know that her work is currently displaying in the Auxillary Gallery at the Cre8ery at 125 Adelaide St. View her paintings at

Painter/ Sculptor/ Glass Worker with a BFA, U of M, and ACAD/RDCC, Alberta, Kathleen says:
It is the emotional strengths and weakness of living that give life to my work. Small pieces of glass jewelry to larger organic, cast glass sculpture, windows, oils, water colour, acrylic, monoprints and mixed media - all reflect my exploration of light, dark, transparency, reflection, growth, and time. It really is about time - time of day, time of life, how little or great the time...

Kathleen produces one of a kind glass sculptures, original paintings and small unique glass jewelry pieces. She will be found during the In Plain View studio artists' tours at:

151 Garfield St. South
Winnipeg, MB. R3G 2L

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whether abstract or representational, my work in acrylic has evolved from the visual perfectionism of Graphic Design to something more raw, simple, visceral and very personal.
Eastern Philosophy has always intrigued and mystified me. This combined with my long history as a musician gives me an appreciation of the value of simplicity and space and how it contrasts and balances with the bold colours, objects and sounds that define it.
My influences include all those that celebrate the simple beauty of space. British filmaker David Lean with his sparse yet epic visual feast Lawrence of Arabia. American composer John Cage with his Zen influenced silent composition 4' 33''. Photographer Willliam Claxton and his raw simple images that capture the complexity and nuance of American Jazz.
Producing art, for me, is about trying to capture and define the energy contained in space, like an atom, vast in space, yet massive in energy. This energy is held and defined by the perfect balance of object, colour and space in a set frame - a defined space in balance. Picasso's work and traditional Eastern Art has a strong sense of this.
For me, on a personal level, it is reflected in my personal mantra , " Music is the dance of my soul, Art is its reflection, Silence and solitude its refuge ''.
Larry will be in attendance at his studio during the upcoming In Plain View Studio Tours. For more information go to
Larry Rich Studio
45 Moore Avenue, MB R2M 2C2
ph: 779-2809 e:


Changes South
Photographs by Pat Bragg

Pat Bragg has had a long time love of photography and during a recent trip to Europe found her eyes sharpened by the light, the amazing textures in nature and historical structures, and the sheer exuberance of Italy.

This translated into a new appreciation for the details of life closer to home: neighbourhood gardens, prairie scenes, and our own Manitoba light and colour.

Her original works are available in several formats including framed, matted, and greeting cards and can be custom ordered in a size to fit your mood or your rooms.

Pat welcomes guests to her studio during the In Plain View Studio Tours taking place on the first weekends of November and December, 2009 and of next June, 2010. For more information, go to:

Open during tour hours and year round by appointment. Also during the summer of 2009 check out her displays at the Pine Ridge Hollow Farmer’s Market (Saturdays) and the Osborne Village Farmer’s Market (Thursdays 4-8 p.m.)

501 Camden Place, Winnipeg, MB
Phone: 204.254.1184

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Artist in Plain View: LeVerne Tucker

Glass artist and jewelry designer LeVerne Tucker offers a distinctive collection of jewelry and objects crafted from flame-worked glass. LeVerne utilizes precious metal clay in silver and bronze to create unique pieces such as pendants, toggles and organic shapes, which are incorporated into her designs.
Recent work includes her signature hollow beads, as well as glass blowing techniques used to form hollow witch balls and fairy balls.
A small selection of jewelry and trinket boxes featuring flame-worked glass accents, metal clay and found objects will also be offered.

LeVerne can be found at 420 Ritchot Street, Winnipeg during the In Plain View Artists' Studio Tour on the first weekend in December 2009 and in June 2010, However she will be at 717 Charleswood Road for the tour on the first weekend of November. She will be at this location on Friday, November 6 from 4-8 pm, and Saturday November 7 from 10 am - 3 pm. For more information about the tour go to:

Check out LeVerne's website at:


Here's some news from a former In Plain View

gallery/studio participant
cre8ery has a great line up of fall classes suitable for beginners & advanced students! Register today!
For images, artist bios, testimonials & descriptions please visit the following link:


ARTISTS in all Media -

If you are interested in being part of In Plain View

contact Jo'Anne Kelly at or phone 772-4851

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A New Artist In Plain View - Gloria De Neve

Gloria De Neve was born in Green Bay, Manitoba . She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, followed by studies with the British Craftsman Association in England and Wales.

Gloria says about her work:
My imagery balances the tension in the fragility and vulnerability of the physical body ...... with the quiet timelessness and strength of the human spirit.
I use the human body as my imagery, to explore this balance and tension. As each person's lifetime is journeyed, the evolution of the soul is etched in one's own "Spirit Shield", which never dies, which carries on from one lifetime to another. My Raku forms have evolved into expressions of the Spirit Shield, and the search for these higher truths.
My work reflects this search within the sculptural and embellishment possibilities found in both Raku clay and hand-painted, manipulated silk fibre. Both mediums offer a similar tactile process of touch and movement.

Gloria and artist, Gina Roth ( from Hillside Beach ), will be having an upcoming show of their recent work at the Wayne Arthur Gallery ( 186 Provencher Blvd., Winnipeg ).
The exhibition, "Life's Journeys", runs from October 4th - 28th, with the Artist Reception on October 4th, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.


Remember our In Plain View artists' studio tours which will take place on the first weekends of November and December 2009 (and there will be another the first weekend of next June)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artists In Plain View


The next In Plain View Winnipeg Artists Studio Tours will be held on the first weekend of November and the first weekend of December.

Take a self-guided tour and visit artists in their studio environments and view original art in the setting in which it has been created.
These tours are free of charge. Local artists offer you a peek into their world, where you will experience art in many media - paintings, ceramics, sculpture, watercolour, printmaking, glass art, jewellery-making, mosaics and more.
An abundance of creative, original artworks will be on exhibit for show and for sale.