Monday, June 20, 2011

Sumer Is Icumen In Plain View

Sumer is icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu!
Groweth sed and bloweth med
and springth the wde nu.
Sing cuccu!
Florrie contemplates summer cumen in.  The river is still in flood and probably will be all summer. She doesn't hear cuckoos, but lots of crows again.
And certainly the wood does spring anew. The air is full of gossamer seeds from the cottonwood trees on the riverbank, celebrating life, though their roots are deep in the water.
Congratulations to:
Maureen Miller ( photographer from Wolseley ) who won the IPV gift certificate for $100 towards an art piece by an In Plain View Artist
Here's what sounds like a truly fun and great cultural event in Morden, MB.

~ An event like no other ~

 July 4th – 6th Art Show & Workshops 
July 7th “Evening at the Stones”

This one of a kind event is open to the public.  However, the primary goal and mission is to link artist to artist to art lovers, who will come together for a three day, 1st in Manitoba totally Free Art Show and Workshop.  All art enthusiasts have the option of attending one day up to all three days, should the various workshops match their interests. 

There will be an incredible array of artists; the internationally known, to the proudly unusual, facilitating workshops/demos in stone sculpture, textures and air brushing, Zombies art?, aboriginal art and dance, cartoon creation, hand building with clay, raku firing, photography, hands on a pottery wheel; one of the finest pastel artists in Manitoba will do a workshop; plus we have delightful surprises on copper,  computer images on clay, oil techniques, ink abstract (with a few artists  - to many artists with the same medium, demonstrating in each medium aforementioned, and much more.  For example: we have 11 potters doing workshops plus10 pastel artists and the variety of art mediums will expand daily.  We invite you to sign up to conduct a workshop or demo and share your own favorite art medium.

Web site:


Two artists are joining In Plain View Winnipeg:
Tom Roberts and Kristina Karlsson
Both Tom and Kristina work out of Clifton Street Studio, (joined there by Gloria de Neve) 587 Clifton Street - 1/2 block north of Portage. And as you can see, both work in pottery.
 Welcome aboard!!!
Here's Karen Johannssen showing work at the recent In Plain View Winnipeg tour. 
She joined Gloria de Neve at Clifton St. Studios.
And here's some of Gloria de Neve's new work shown during that
June studio tour at Clifton St. Studio.

 Jolanta Sokalska won 'Best in Mixed Media" for Theta = Prosperity at the recent Red River Exhibition Art Extravaganza. 
 Here is the winning piece:
Congratulations Jolanta!!!!!
Enjoy a new painting by Jane Gateson

and here's some of my recent work. Do you remember who I am?
Jo'Anne Kelly

And here's a recent photograph by Pat Bragg:
 To see work by In Plain View Winnipeg artists, go to: