Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artist In Plain View - KATHARINE BRUCE

Katharine says about her work:
The mode of discipline that I work with involves a substantial collaboration with chance which relies upon an alertness to unintended consequences. The sudden appearance of unforseen possibilities,  in the meantime, requires a constitutional capacity to function within a certain degree of chaos. If I approach a canvas with what might appear a nonchalant anything goes disposition, it is with the same humility one brings to contemplating visual experience in the natural world. The requisite inner gesture is a sort of stepping out of the way in order to let something happen. There is the intuitive, dreamy quality of an otherworldly realm and, at the same time--here and nowness. Nature is the over riding motivation for my ART.

Katharine will welcome guests to her studio during the In Plain View Studio Tours taking place on the first weekends of November and December, '09. For more information go to:

Katharine Bruce
Bruce Art Works
138 Portage Ave East
studio: 709
786-3052 by appointment all year
open during shows

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