Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mary Anne Rudy In Plain View

Mary Anne Rudy is one of the new artists opening her home studio during this upcoming tour. Mary Anne lives and works in Headingley. Check out her location on our tour map at: There are other artist in Charleswood to check out as well, as you can see on our maps. Mary Anne  has the following to say about her work:

I am currently interested in creating mainly mixed media monotype prints that are generally abstract, but often include some realistic aspects such as flowers or landscapes.  The first part of the print is created on a metal plate using rollers, brushes and other tools to develop and create patterns of all types.  Blank and partially blank areas are left on the plate in order to allow for further development once the print is run.  Once the print has been run, then it is worked back into with some type of realistic or semi abstract landscape or floral image. Other patterns and metallic embellishments are added as well. I am particularly fond of gold and silver leaf, so a great number of my paintings and prints incorporate the use of this material.  Monotype printmaking of this type involving traditional and innovative techniques provides many opportunities for happy accidents as well as the grace to influence the finished product.
My most recent two person show at the Birchwood Art Gallery included fourteen larger acrylic canvasses, which were mainly semi-abstract landscapes and urban landscapes.  The canvasses were fairly experimental and the semi abstract landscapes seemed to evoke past memories for places people had visited or lived and allowed people to place themselves into the painting in their own way.
As an Interior Designer, I began to produce watercolour paintings as a method for clients to visualize the interiors I was presenting to them.  From this, developed the passion for painting and now my artwork is exclusively prepared for the enrichment of interior spaces.  My influences are everything I see, feel and experience in the built and natural environment.  My daily life involves architecture and interior spaces, therefore art pieces are created as pieces that enhance, and beautify, as well as provide a focal point for the interior environment in which they are placed, private or commercial.  Explanation is generally not required, as it is my hope to evoke visual pleasure for the viewer without a right or wrong message.  It is my intent to generate paintings that speak for themselves and allow the viewer to receive their own message.  Throughout history, art as a means of beautification for our living and working environment has been considered a valid reason for the creation of art.  My paintings are meant to delight and gratify the people who display them in their home or work surroundings. I would like to think my art is grounded in pleasure and aesthetics.
Recently four of my monotype prints have been selected to hang in Canada’s Official Residences in Rideau Hall in Ottawa and Citadel in Quebec City.

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