Friday, March 29, 2013

What To Do While Waiting For Spring

I know, I know. Spring is supposed to be here. At least the Equinox happened, and that was supposed to be the first day of Spring, right? But look at my back yard! Does that look like Spring?

The equinox fooled some birds, too. I have heard some foolish flocks of geese flying overhead the past two nights. They seem to be following the river, vainly looking for a stretch of open water to land on. Good Luck! I worry about them – they are going to have to survive by eating snow for quite a while. 
And I have been hosting a poor little mourning dove for the past couple of weeks. It comes to my bird feeding station. I thought it had perished during that last awful snow storm we had, but this morning I heard its sad little “whoo – whoo”. I hope it gets the best little mourning dove mate of the season – it deserves her.

Anyway, here are some neat things to do during this sloppy season.


and congratulations to Jolanta Solkalska, whose work in glass became the awards handed out to Winnipeg realtors recently, given on their Annual Gala Dinner in the Convention Centre in late February 2013.
each realtor winner is holding an award made by Jolanta.

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