Saturday, September 3, 2011

Artists In Plain View Within 100 Miles

We’ve all heard about the hundred mile challenge. Folks restrict their diet, to include only foods grown within 100 miles of their residence. This incentive has grown legs and has become a continent-wide food movement – endorsed by  foodies everywhere who have pledged to help save the environment by restricting their diets to locally grown foods, thus fighting against pollution and global warming caused by its transport, and against corporate agribusiness over family farms.

Well - In Plain View Winnipeg is raising its own 100 mile challenge. It makes just as much sense to restrict your gift, craft and art buying to the work of local artists. 
Too often have local artists had to persuade local buyers that their work can have as much merit, value and creativity as anything coming out of Toronto, New York or Beijing.
So support your local artists. Help them survive in an ever-worsening economic era.

A Winnipeg artist whom it is well worth-while supporting  is 
Jordan Van Sewell.
Jordan is a well-known and celebrated ceramic sculptor, whose iconic sculptural personae provide an amusing, on-going commentary on contemporary culture.

We would like to introduce you to Jordan, his works and his ideas through this fabulous video, recently produced by Ivan Hughes of Compass Digital Media.
Check out this video at:

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